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Problem Lennumaa has one of the largest playgrounds in Tallinn. They have three different birthday rooms and a playground with many attractions for children. Lennumaa wanted to rent out more birthday rooms and we analyzed their website, competitors and their customers. So we decided to drive traffic from Google Adwords. But before we started there […]

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Markend Team

Problem Markend Team is focused on constructing living houses. They build houses from the basement to the keys. We needed to create a new website that is focused on sales because the last one was a tad out of date. It didn’t bring in that much sales results. Solution We photographed as many projects as […]

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Problem Nanomaxi is selling cleaning products. Said products are imported from Germany. They`re high-quality and very effective. The only problem was that they didn’t really do that well online. Nanomaxi made only a mere 1500 euros from online sales in 2016. The numbers themselves were too low. However, we saw potential in Nanomaxi. Solution There […]

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Problem Strider is one of the best no-pedal balance bikes that you can buy. It is the lightest and simplest bike to ride for little kids. However there was a problem with sales and analytics. They didn’t know how much they were making and where these sales were coming from. Also, they wanted more purchases. […]

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Melb Lashes

Problem Melb Lashes specialises only in eyelash extensions to make sure client gets the highest quality service. Owner Angeelika wanted to market she’s business in Melbourne, Australia. The main problem was sales. There were still available times on the table. But the service quality was really high. Solution We created a proper marketing plan and […]

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