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What we do and how we do

User experience

Do you have a deep understanding of your users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations? User Experience is the art of designing your website so that is easy to use, fits users’ expectations and meets your business goals.

What your website analytics telling for us?

We analyse your current website and gather information – learn what was working for your customers and what wasn’t, where were the biggest drop-offs and leaks.

Competitors analysis

We need to know your competitors. With this task we find out your competitors website strategy, business goals, USP, customers reviews, etc. After wrapping up all the information you want to do things better than your competitors.

Interviews with your clients

In this step we interview your clients to have a deep understanding of who they are, what they want, why and how they consume. Customers provide always valuable feedback. We give our best to get you the necessary information about them.

Conclusion from above

By the time we are done with our analysis, we will have knowledge of how your business works, current website analysis, description of your customers and how they use your website.

Wireframes, testing, repairing

Based on all of the analysis and data, we’ll make a low fidelity prototype.

Web design & Development


Establish your goals for the site; analyse the competition; define who your target market is; how they will find you online and what they will be looking for when they arrive; map out a schedule and decide who will do what and when.

Handcrafted personalised design just for your company

Decide on the “look and feel” of the site – colours, graphics, information architecture, navigation, etc. The way that information is arranged can have a big impact on a site’s usability and its perceived relevance and authority of both users and search engines.


Putting it all together, taking the agreed design and constructing the actual pages of the site, crafting the content, links and navigation hierarchy.


Making sure everything works the way it should before we let it out on to the big bad internet.


Your new site becomes live on the internet for the whole world to find…

Digital Marketing

Creating a Strategy

There is always the same question: Why do we need a digital marketing strategy? The answer is simple: because without one you will miss potential opportunities and lose business. Formulating a digital marketing strategy will help you to make informed decisions about your foray into the digital marketing arena, and ensure that your efforts are focused on the elements of digital marketing that are the most relevant to your business.

Without a coherent strategy of engagement and retention through digital channels your business is , at best, missing a golden opportunity, and ,at worst, could be left behind, watching your competitors pull away across an ever-widening digital divide. We are more than sure that you want to grow your business with digital marketing. Everybody does.

So, one of the first things you need is a marketing plan that defines your goals to know what do you want to achieve. It keeps you focused in the right direction. A good marketing plan lays out clearly defined objectives that make it easy to identify the tasks that need to be done, as well as the timelines necessary for completing those tasks. Also, you want to know how much you are going to spend on marketing. It’ll help you to control the marketing budget as well.

We will start with the 10 Ps of digital marketing to get your marketing plan right.


How is your activity measured against objectives and against competitors? The internet has shrunk the world but mammothed the available number of service and product providers. How you perform in relation to digital engagement consigns you to success or failure.


How is yours? Online, mobile, search engines, social media? Are you there? Do you look good? Is it working?


How do your customers rate their user and customer experience with you vs your competitors? Who does this better? If you know that answer then be like them. Do not settle for second best!


Are you there when your customers need you? Are you on hand 24/7? This generation wants it all and wants it now.


Are you relevant? Are your marketing and reaching out to their needs at this time? Do you know the anwser? Well if you don’t then go and find out. Ask them, they will not bite.


How is this working out for your customers… How you engage is one thing, but the actual process of delivery and payment is not to be overlooked.


Personalisation is very powerful. When executed in the right way you can have shocking results. This is what we need online. How do you do it right now?


If your customers don’t want to go too personal then provide them with preferences so you can all learn and all get the best from your relationships. Remember, digital marketing is about people communicating with other people, the technology is just the bit in the middle that helps it to happen.


Weirdly, this was not part of the original four P’s, but it should have been. Everything you do should be measurable and return on investment (ROI) is often a crucial part of this measurement.


Ones and zeroes are all very useful but let’s not forget we are dealing with people – ignore this at your peril!

Google Adwords Management

Looking for a reliable Google Advertising Partner who is doing more than just finding keywords, setting the bids and writing ad copy as a one time job? We run one more mile for your satisfaction! Continous analysis and optimisation is the key to successful AdWords campaign. We are glad to help you with Google AdWords.

But do you know exactly what Google AdWords is? It’s Google’s own advertising service which allows you to place search results for your website on a search engine results page (SERP) by paying for them.

There’s no need to wait for your new site to work its way organically up the rankings. By using paid search you can see immediate results and it’s not nearly as difficult to use or expensive as you may think.

For our customers we provide only three main Google AdWords placements where to reach customers:

Search Ads – appear next to Google search results when people look for products and services that you offer. And you only pay when people click to visit your website or call your business.

Display Ads – appear on over two million websites and in over 650,000 apps, meaning that your ad can show up wherever your audience is.

Video Ads – are shown only to the people that you want and you only pay when they watch. In other words, you won’t waste money advertising to people who aren’t interested in your business.

Facebook & Instagram Ads Management

Communicate with your target market, drive sales and create value for your customers. We have seen campaigns with no Facebook Pixel installed on their web pages and campaigns with too broad audiences. There are many ways to do it wrong. To achieve your goals you need a strategy and skill. Let us do the hard work for you – professionally.

We are using Facebook Ads for marketing because it’s a highly effective way to promote businesses. You don’t have to be Fortune500 company or acquire funding to advertise on Facebook. In fact, a couple hundred euros can get you results already.

Facebook have 1.6 billion monthly users and you can reach your dream customers easily. There are so many opportunities to promote your business depending on your marketing goals like: Conversions, Store Visits, Brand Awareness, Reach, Engagement, Traffic, Video Views and so on.

If you are not using Facebook for your marketing yet then you are far behind from your competitors. We’ll recommend to go to your competitors’ Facebook pages and follow/like them. Also, changing you marketing strategies, we recommend you checking their websites. Maybe they’ll start chasing you with commercials on Facebook. If you need help, then you know where to find us! 🙂

Email Marketing Management

Many businesses shy away from email marketing because they think it’s an old approach, but 59% of B2B marketers said email is the most effective channel for revenue generation. Do you use your email marketing effectively to grow your business? There are so many great ways to collect emails and also communicate them with your business.

Marketing emails can be hyper-personalised and targeted. So you can create very personalised emails to your customers to create lasting relationships.

You are personalising your emails only with name? There’s more. For example, it’s no secret that certain times of day prove to be better than others when it comes to sending emails.
And there is location. Like so many businesses, they were sending out one email to all their subscribers at the same time regardless of location.

We are proud that we have built automated email systems to our customers. It is inexpensive channel when executing properly for your target audience.

The most common way for a customer to be added to your e-mail list is through an initial purchase or enquiry, meaning that e-mail is not cold-acquisition marking but retention of your most qualified prospects and loyal customers.

Let’s make some magic together – you are worth only the very best

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